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Welcome to Polyamorous Perspectives, your guide to exploring the intricate world of polyamorous relationships. We're not just another blog; we're your companions on a journey of understanding and navigating the complexities of love in all its forms.

Our mission

At Polyamorous Perspectives, our mission is to provide insightful, engaging, and expertly crafted content that empowers individuals and couples in polyamorous relationships. We're here to shatter stereotypes, offer practical advice, and foster a sense of community for those exploring the uncharted territory of multiple simultaneous connections.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where polyamory is widely understood, respected, and integrated into the broader tapestry of human relationships. We envision a platform that encourages open conversations, promotes healthy communication, and helps people build lasting connections without sacrificing their individuality.

Our team

Meet the minds behind Polyamorous Perspectives:

  • Tabby Gentry: A seasoned writer and seasoned polyamorist, Tabby brings real-life experiences to the table, adding authenticity and relatability to our articles.

  • ChatGPT: Our meticulous editor, ChatGPT, ensures that every piece we publish is polished to perfection, offering you the best reading experience.

Together, we are dedicated to providing you with informative, engaging, and thought-provoking content that addresses the unique challenges and joys of polyamory. Join us on this journey of discovery and growth.

a woman in a floral dress and glasses
a woman in a floral dress and glasses
Tabby Gentry

Founder / Content Creator